The foredeck on the original v222 was "sunken" by a few inches. The owner cut the whole thing out and raised it, installing this web of supports to strengthen it. His glasswork was poor, and the polyester too weak to hold a bond. The whole thing cracked and leaked, and these strips were starting to rot. I'll sand the glass off the underside and radius the edges of these strips, covering with epoxy and glass. The cracks that appeared on the deck as a result of this "improvement" have been dug out and filled with a mix of glass and epoxy.

Notice the sides of the hull. They were coated with some sort of fabric at the factory, but add a little dampness (and ALL boats get damp at some point)and you get the mildew in the above photo . A painted surface will be much less likely to mildew, and easier to clean when it does.